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Reviewing a mountain of documents in preparation for complex litigation is overwhelming to even the most seasoned attorneys. The process distracts from other urgent or strategic matters, wasting your time, budget, and effort, all of which are better spent elsewhere. Temporary attorneys can accelerate the process, but only with the proper guidance and oversight.


Let Legalpeople handle the logistics. Our project managers have overseen hundreds of projects, varying in complexity and attorney team size. Our review teams are typically comprised of document review veterans that have worked multiple successful projects and offer in-depth experience across review platforms. This built-in expertise helps ensure your document review work gets done efficiently and effectively.


We anticipate project issues and present workable solutions, guiding your managed review to its defensible completion with ease—on time and on budget.

Our Managed Review Services

Legalpeople offers two tiers of managed review services, both designed to address different levels of needs. You can explore the specifics of each below:

Managed Review-eDiscovery Project Management Icon

eDiscovery Project Management (eDPM)

Our project managers supervise a scalable team of experienced attorneys, communicate daily reporting at every phase, create QC workflows, and apply appropriate security protocols to maintain your compliance.

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Review Team Management (RTM)

When you’re managing your own eDiscovery reviews, Legalpeople can help coordinate communication and provide daily reporting based on defined metrics to synchronize efforts and provide total project transparency with this simpler, cost-effective option.

PM FunctioneDPMRTM
Review Team Supervision: Monitor attendance, productivity, and accuracy; provide feedback and redirection as needed
Project Communications: Coordinate communication among counsel/vendor and review team regarding training, review issues, and questions (i.e., Q&A Log)
Project Metrics: Create daily metrics searches and reports; provide daily reporting for every review phase
Project Scope: Consult with counsel/vendor on review goals, protocol, and timeline
Project Database Set-Up: Consult with counsel/vendor about set-up, including batching, fields, choices, and coding layout specifications
Project Security: Consult with counsel/vendor on appropriate security permissions for various user groups (including the review team, QC team, and PMs)
Project Database and Workflow Daily Management: Create priority and QC document views and searches; oversee active workflows
QC Management: Consult with counsel/vendor to create QC workflows; create internal and counsel-requested QC searches and views; select and train leads for multi-functional teams; supervise QC workflows
Pre-Production: Collaborate with counsel/vendor to complete pre-production QC
Redaction Workflows: Consult with counsel/vendor to create Redaction workflow; train team on use of redaction tools; supervise Redaction workflow
Privilege Log Workflows: Consult with counsel/vendor to create Privilege Log workflow; train and supervise team through creation of privilege log

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I have had the pleasure of working with Legalpeople on a number of projects, and they do a first-class job every time. Big project or small – or anything in between – Legalpeople meets my and my clients’ expectations for quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness every time. - Partner, International Law Firm

The team at Legalpeople is fantastic - they're smart, thoughtful, caring people who treat their attorneys with utmost professionalism and respect. Legalpeople is a great, upbeat place to work. Definitely highly recommended! - Legalpeople Contract Attorney  

I have had the privilege of working with Legalpeople on many matters over the years, both large and small. Every time they have provided high quality people for our projects. Equally important, company management is extremely responsive and has, when needed, provided staff on extremely short notice. - Partner, International Law Firm  

Our firm is a repeat user of Legalpeople. We have been impressed with their high-touch service model as well as their ability to find qualified talent that blends well with our firm. We are indeed satisfied clients. - Founding Principal, Mid-Sized National Law Firm  

I worked with Legalpeople on a project that involved coordination across multiple law firms, and I appreciated the ability to seamlessly integrate all the information we needed, using a small, focused team. We had a subsequent project come up a year later and we were able to get some of our original reviewers back. This is a testament to the quality of reviewers they have, as it is not a revolving door of unhappy or unqualified reviewers. Our project manager was invaluable and would deal with issues as they arose, raising any serious issues in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend Legalpeople. - Associate, Large National Law Firm  

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