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Second Request with a Twist

Posted on January 18, 2024 in Case Studies, Document Review



While Legalpeople has worked on dozens of Second Requests, this one, very high-profile matter had a unique twist. The e-discovery vendor used a proprietary analytics tool to syphon out the potentially privileged documents for the Legalpeople team to review. The application of this tool resulted in a very uneven flow of documents, making staffing particularly challenging.



We collaborated with the eDiscovery vendor, the corporate client and their outside counsel each week to determine the estimated potential volume to be delivered each week for Legalpeople’s review. From there, we staffed multiple waves of reviewers until we landed on 120 attorneys. Our Project Managers worked to get each new wave trained and up to speed. With the aggressive deadlines involved in completing a Second Request, the Legalpeople team worked fast and hard to meet the ever changing staffing needs as they presented themselves while our PMs kept pace moving and quality high.



The work was completed on deadline and we received strong positive feedback from the client. We’re happy to provide this client as a reference.

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