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PII Reporting

Posted on January 18, 2024 in Case Studies, Document Review



We regularly work with clients who have experienced data incidents/breaches, from insurance companies to Fortune 500 companies. Corporations often are required to notify individuals or a supervisory authority of the scope of the breach in a very short time-frame. The company’s data is often unstructured, and artificial intelligence software is not always capable of identifying the relevant information. Manual review is therefore required to filter through potentially compromised information records to identify the relevant records.



Often on short notice, Legalpeople puts together incident response teams of experienced attorneys to locate compromised PII quickly. Together with our experienced project managers, Legalpeople teams identify the PII elements connected to the data subjects to put together a comprehensive data breach or notification report for the client, who is often on a tight budget to address this unexpected expense



The finished report is turned over to the client so that they can notify the appropriate government agencies and individuals of the breach. Please reach out if you’d like references for our work on these types of matters. We’ll be happy to provide them.

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