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Massive Multi-City Second Request

Posted on January 18, 2024 in Case Studies, Document Review



In order to tackle a very high profile Second Request, Legalpeople needed to provide 250 attorneys in two cities. Things were moving fast and we had less than a week to get the team lined up and to coordinate a two day multi-city training involving several law firms and our corporate client.



Our operations staff arranged training in several large hotel ballrooms. Meanwhile, our staffing teams in each city locked in their best and brightest attorneys for the matter.  Simultaneously, our Project Managers developed a management structure for the review. Because the team was so large, we employed a tiered leadership approach that began with the Legalpeople Project Managers to handle metrics, collaborate with outside counsel on strategy and manage flow from the top. Beneath them, we assigned our top-tier, long term contract attorneys as Project Coordinators who took direction from the Project Managers and supervised specific workflows as directed by the PMs. Finally, we deployed Team Leads, one for every 25 reviewers, to manage any technical issues, keep track of attendance for their group and generally be a first line of defense before anything moved up the leadership chain.



This was an ever changing and growing review that later resulted in litigation challenging the DOJ determination. We deployed a subset of the original team to work on the litigation (in the middle of the holiday seasons). Our client was impressed with our work on the matter itself as with our flexible approach to the changing needs of the massive matter. We’re happy to provide this client as a reference.

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