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Large Review with Foreign Language Surprises

Posted on January 18, 2024 in Case Studies, Foreign Language Doc Review



Mid-way through a medium-sized document review in Chicago, our client determined that they had to review more documents than they expected under the same deadline, and that there were documents discovered in both Spanish and Dutch language.



The Legalpeople staffing team was able to double the team size from 30 to 60 English reviewers with 48 hours’ notice to ensure a timely completion. Further, we already had ALTA tested Spanish reviewers working in English on the existing team. They were able to review in both languages to get the work completed. We managed to use our wide network to lock in some terrific ALTA tested Dutch reviewers who worked from our Dallas, Charlotte and Los Angeles locations to complete the review of the Dutch language documents.



The work was completed on deadline and the client was very pleased. We are happy to provide this client as a reference.

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