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Legacy Contract Review in Support of CMS Implementation

Posted on December 21, 2023 in Case Studies, Contract Analysis Services



Our client (a multi-national manufacturing company providing services to customers in the energy services sector) required assistance with the migration of 1,200 customer contracts to a new contract management system (CMS). Their CMS vendor lacked the appropriate expertise to successfully manage the legacy contract extraction to enable the system implementation.



Legalpeople collaborated closely with the client to develop a custom data model to capture the required information and facilitate aggregate reporting within the new CMS. In addition, our team developed a solution to allow for downstream AI functionality. We provided customized training to a team of onshore attorney contractors to complete the contract review project efficiently and accurately.



Legalpeople delivered turnkey structured data ready for immediate ingestion into the client’s CMS. The project was completed within an accelerated timeframe, under budget, and with positive feedback from the client. We’re happy to provide this client as a reference.

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