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Software Leader Identifies Senior Privacy Counsel For Interim Support With Legalpeople

Posted on April 18, 2024 in Case Studies, Specialized Interim Attorneys



Since 2011, software has been eating the world. The global enterprise software market size is approaching $700B, with tools and applications spanning from accounting to marketing automation, and everything in between. One of our clients struggled with a full-time search as they sought to hire a Senior Privacy & Product Counsel to advise cross-functional teams on compliance matters.

Our client needed a senior attorney to work with various business teams to assess new products, review engineering and design specifications for privacy-by-design requirements, and advise the policy team on lobbying priorities. The ideal candidate needed experience in analyzing legal risk and regulatory requirements and developing integration plans for acquisitions and partnerships.



We identified an attorney with 2 years of privacy experience in-house at Meta and over 5 years of global privacy and consumer legislation experience at a FinTech company, working with both B2B and B2C products.

Our client was pleased with our candidate. Our hire was able to immediately help track and analyze proposed, pending, and new domestic and global privacy regulations, as well as recommend any potential or necessary modifications to their privacy practice. Legalpeople’s Specialized Interim Attorney Services allowed them to continue their search for a permanent hire while still managing time-sensitive compliance issues.

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