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The Human Advantage: Why Expertise Matters in AI Contract Review

Posted on June 17, 2024 in Blogs, Contract Analysis Services


Over the last decade, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how contracts are reviewed, summarized, and abstracted. Our industry started with traditional legal summary memos and moved towards technology-assisted, structured data reviews. Now we’re fully immersed in AI-powered contract review solutions.

Despite all the exciting possibilities these tools offer, there is a crucial element that is often overlooked: The human in the loop.

In our webinar “The Human Advantage: Why Expertise Matters in AI Contract Review,” Michael Kim, Esq., Karolina Sadowska, Esq., and Alex Schwartz discuss the:

  • Definition of structured data.
  • Three main values of structured data for attorneys.
  • Shortcomings and challenges of only using AI or automation for reviews.
  • Immediate cost savings of combining AI review with human quality control.
  • Secret to maximizing the return on investment.
  • Guidelines for using AI thoughtfully throughout the legal industry.

If you’re looking to stay current with the intersection of technology and human expertise, watch the webinar for our insights.

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