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Social Media Company Identifies Senior Commercial Counsel for Interim Support With Legalpeople

Posted on May 16, 2024 in Case Studies, Specialized Interim Attorneys



The global consumer technology market is a nearly trillion-dollar industry. One of our clients, a major social media platform, decided to hire multiple Senior Commercial Counsels to support their global sales, engineering, and other business teams.

Our client sought candidates with over 10 years of BigLaw or in-house experience managing tech transactions. The ideal candidates must have previously worked at a consumer technology company and managed the development and/or review of partnership and professional services agreements.



The attorneys that we brought on both had over 10 years of experience across BigLaw and in-house at consumer tech companies. Ultimately, we identified two hires for our client, One candidate was a University of Texas Law School graduate with both BigLaw and startup experience. The other was a Harvard Law School graduate who had worked in BigLaw, as well as in-house multiple at high-growth tech companies.

Our client was more than satisfied with our candidate. Through our Specialized Interim Attorney Services our client was able to manage their current commercial transaction needs while conducting their full-time search.


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