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Major Studio Identifies Marketing Counsel For Interim Support With Legalpeople

Posted on March 28, 2024 in Case Studies, Specialized Interim Attorneys



The global streaming market is now a multi-trillion-dollar industry, with subverticals such as gaming, social media, and advertising. One of our clients, a major studio, decided to hire a Marketing Counsel to support marketing transactions.


Our client sought a candidate with over 5 years of experience at a major law firm or in-house at a technology products company. The ideal candidate needed a history of advising clients on content distribution & carriage, and drafting agreements for promotions, licensed marketing, digital marketing, and media production services.



The attorney we brought was a Harvard Law School graduate with experience in BigLaw and in-house at major entertainment and technology companies.


Our client was so pleased with our candidate that they extended the contract and ultimately converted them to a full-time employee after 8 months. Traditionally, they would have had to outsource work to a large firm or wait for their hiring team to find the right candidate. By using our Specialized Interim Attorney Services, our client was able to manage their current marketing projects while conducting their full-time search.

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